DETECH & ASSOCIATES was founded in 1991 with the aim to strengthen protection of intellectual property rights to promote investment and technological innovation to Vietnam. Over the past 20 year, DETECH & ASSOCIATES has transformed from a small team of enthusiastic staff to a leading intellectual property rights law firm in Vietnam.

DETECH & ASSOCIATES also made determind efforts to develop close relationships with overseas patent attorneys. As result, the company has become the trusted IP agent for hundreds of law firms and clients abroad allowing international law firms to be abreast of the latest changes in Vietnam.

Services Offered include consulting and representing clients to:

  • Register trademark protection, patents, utility solutions, industrial designs and copyright.
  • Sign various types of contracts including purchases, franchising, and licensing.
  • Solve disputes and complaints related to intellectual property rights and trade.
  • Solve disputes and complaints related to payments and expenses.
  • Provide translation services.

Benefits of Intellectual Property Protection:

  • Encourages Innovation and Inventon
  • - Protects Trademarks
  • Protects proprietary technology
  • Protects against unfair competition.

DETECH & ASSOCIATES is the member of:

  • Vietnam Intellectual Property Association (VIPA)
  • International Trademark Association (INTA)
  • Asian Patent Attorneys Association (APAA)
  • ASEAN Intellectual Property Association (AIPA)