Orient Biotechnology Center – DETECHbio is a unit of DETECH Group, established in 2006, focusing on the application of research and technology transfer to create natural products useful for health.

The strength of DETECHbio is the close cooperation with domestic and foreign scientists, research institutes and multinational corporations to select active ingredients and natural products with high biological activity, Advanced preparation technology. In order to create natural products, clean, safe and highly effective for consumers.

DETECHbio’s goals are to bring consumers safety, reliability, health and sustainable development.

On August 21, 2018, DETECHbio signed an exclusive contract to distribute PureLac Premium Formula Milk product with PureLand Company (Korea). PureLac powdered milk currently occupies the No. 1 position in the premium powdered milk segment in the Korean market.


  • Highest quality 100% natural raw materials
  • Unique ingredients based on modern and traditional medicine
  • Cutting edge research and development

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