DETECH Land has quickly become a trusted leader in real estate throughout Vietnam. Over the past 9 years, we have gain valuable and diverse experience through a range of real estate partnerships and projects. Detech Land remains committed to expanding services through innovation and quality customer service.

Key Benefits:
+ Diverse Real Estate Portfolio
+ Professional and Friendly Service
+ Unparalleled network of Real Estate Contacts

Recent Projects Villas and Townhomes
This is a modern real-estate investment in residential housing and public infrastructure. The project consists of urban areas being subdivided into residences, offices, and commercial centers creating an ideal living space for families.

Residential Zoning – Vinh Yen City
Residential area is being developed in Vinh Yen on a 6.5/ha piece of lang located just south of the city center. The project is of particular importance to the local community as it is located adjacent to the major railway from Ha Noi and Loi Cai.